The Béton Barrette reputation

The Val-d’Or business community recognized Béton Barrette as an Employer of Choice in 2021. Is there an advantage with working for an Employer of Choice?

  • Workforce integration programs
  • An employee assistance program and telehealth service
  • A pension plan and group insurance plan
  • A development and continuing education program
  • An accommodation service designed for staff from outside the region
  • An employer who understands that your personal life matters too
  • The certainty of being comfortable at work, in human relationships and in health and safety measures

We know that what is good for our staff is good for the entire company!

Béton Barrette’s work conditions

What advantage is there for you in choosing Béton Barrette? Our work conditions are:

  • An attractive salary, as can be expected!
  • Travel bonuses, because we know that the work locations of our staff in the crushing division are the mining sites of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and quarries across Quebec.
  • A 7/7 schedule, giving you time for your hobbies or your family!

Your job at Béton Barrette

What is a job in Béton Barrette’s crushing division?

  • It involves taking on new technical challenges at mining sites and in quarries
  • It is a job with a variety of tasks, as part of a versatile, well-knit field team.
  • It involves moving every day, at the controls of well-maintained and powerful machinery
  • It involves operating and maintaining a crusher

The atmosphere at Béton Barrette

In addition to the work conditions and job challenges ahead of your, what does our team do?

  • It maintains a family spirit because each person’s well-being is essential
  • It provides a motivating sense of belonging for all the staff
  • It gives you the recognition you want when you go above and beyond to satisfy customers!

For all these reasons, our own employees refer candidates to us when a position opens. We believe that our values of family spirit and respect contribute to Béton Barrette’s reputation and have helped the company grow since 1960!

Job openings at Béton Barrette Inc.

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