Foundations, concrete castings, retaining walls and concrete blocks

In Val-d’Or and the surrounding area, your construction project starts with a concrete casting… Barrette! For a commercial foundation, residential foundation, a strong concrete driveway, or landscaping with decorative concrete blocks, our concrete services are your starting point.

Béton Barrette is a certified plant

Our concrete plant has been established in Val-d’Or since 1961, but the current plant was completely rebuilt in 2014, to be state-of-the-art, close to our source of granular materials. It is Qualibéton certified. Our concrete history says it: Béton Barrette was the first producer of ready-mix concrete in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Since then, we have been carrying out your concrete construction and outdoor landscaping projects with the same desire: to provide you with superior-quality concrete and reliable expertise.

Did you know?

The Qualibéton brand was established by the Association béton Québec. It promotes the use of quality concrete. The Qualibéton certification ensures that the concrete complies with Canadian legislation and standards. A Qualibéton-certified plant complies with the quality assurance standards from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec.

Concrete for any construction project

Backfill concrete (non-shrinking)

This very thin concrete is a self-compacting density-controlled backfill material. No compacting is required to obtain sufficient support capacity. It is used particularly for excavations and roadwork trenches.

Expansive concrete

Expansive concrete contains a chemical agent that makes it possible to obtain very level surfaces. It is designed for pouring concrete slabs.

Anti-leaching concrete

This very fluid concrete contains admixtures that preserve its physical characteristics, which prevents it from crumbling, even when in contact with water.

Shotcrete (wet process)

Shotcrete is sprayed at a high speed onto surfaces with no formwork. It is used mainly for mine walls, dams and tunnels.

Self-compacting concrete

Self-compacting concrete is very fluid. It compacts on its own under the effect of gravity. It is useful in hard-to-reach places, complex forms, or areas with extensive steel reinforcement.

Coloured concrete

This concrete is used mainly for concrete slabs and decorative products. Pigments are added to the mix, resulting in concrete that is the colour of your choice.

Fibrous concrete

Fibrous concrete contains synthetic or steel fibres evenly distributed throughout the mixture and is used for a structural reinforcement. The fibres prevent cracking and increase the durability of the concrete.

Light concrete

Light concrete is 25% to 30% lighter than conventional concrete. It is used mainly for thermal and sound insulation in floors and firewalls.

Standard concrete

Standard concrete is used mainly for foundations, sidewalks, curbs and floors.

Concrete calculator

Do you have a project in mind and want to know how much concrete will be needed to carry it out? Use our calculator to find the best configuration!

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